descriptionAmulets & Armor Open Source Game
last changeThu, 21 Apr 2016 22:52:58 +0000 (18:52 -0400)
2016-04-21 peeweeUpdated version number and executable master
2016-04-15 peeweeFixed crash caused by updating the chat box when it...
2016-04-08 peeweeUpped version number and updated executable
2016-04-08 peeweeReplaced manual check for player position with new...
2016-04-08 peeweeFixed crash from players joining while story/bank/inn...
2016-03-19 cabbruzzeseFixed Single player crash finishing levels
2016-03-19 cabbruzzeseFixed single player crash trying to get player info
2016-03-19 CalebUpdated player "look" while in game to display class...
2016-03-19 CalebMerged in changes to display name/class/level in town...
2016-03-16 cabbruzzeseUpdated version number to show alpha status. Added...
2016-03-15 cabbruzzeseAdded functionality to notify all players of quest...
2016-02-27 CalebFixed wrap around error involving signed byte for Holy...
2016-02-27 cabbruzzeseMerge pull request #3 from ExiguusEntertainment/VS2013_Fix
2015-11-22 lshieldsIgnore stdout file used for testing.
2015-11-22 lshieldsLatest black box dll.
2015-11-22 lshieldsBlackbox Library added for reference.
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