2018-11-05 Dave Mackey- Updated README, added RELEASENOTES. master 2.11
2018-11-05 Dave Mackey- Bumped version to 2.11.
2018-11-05 Dave Mackey- Minor changes to code to make more readable.
2018-11-04 Dave Mackey- Made code related to menu more human readable.
2018-11-04 Dave Mackey- Removed unused line labels iron and notitle2.
2018-11-04 Dave Mackey- Renamed datapath$ to localappdatapath$, this points...
2018-11-04 Dave Mackey- Added latest binary compile of game.
2018-11-04 Dave Mackey- More code indentation to allow for easier folding.
2018-11-04 Dave Mackey- Preparing to make changes to the way the game handles...
2018-11-04 Dave Mackey- Indented code to CWSTRAT.BAS to make it possibkle...
2018-11-04 Dave Mackey- Updated code formatting for filemanage.
2018-11-03 Dave Mackey- Further reorganization of files into directories.
2018-11-02 Dave Mackey- Continuing to work with component-parts code.
2018-11-02 Dave Mackey- First steps towards modularization of code.
2018-10-29 Dave MackeyRemoved old SDL, Cyberbit, FreeType, GCC, C++ DLLs... 2.10
2018-07-01 Dave MackeyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-07-01 Dave Mackey- Compiled CWSTRAT.exe in QB64-GL so includes updated...
2018-07-01 Dave MackeyUpdate
2018-06-30 Dave MackeyUpdate
2018-06-30 Dave MackeyUpdate
2018-06-30 Dave MackeyCreate
2018-06-30 Dave MackeyAdding SDL, GCC, FreeType, etc. DLLs as provided by...
2018-06-30 Dave MackeyInitial commit of Civil War Strategy 2.10 source code.
2018-06-30 Dave MackeyInitial commit