2010-06-20 JohnAdd EULA master
2010-06-20 JohnAdd EULA
2010-06-20 JohnAllow retail customer keys to try out the mod.
2010-06-12 JohnSave authkey to authkey.dev so that we don't overwrite...
2010-06-12 JohnUseful maths stubs
2010-06-09 rootSome missing files
2010-06-09 rootSome missing files
2010-06-08 miahVC6 project files removed. We don't really need them...
2010-06-08 miahRemoving the keygen makefile. Will need to revisit...
2010-06-08 Stevencode: trim trailing whitespaces
2010-06-08 Stevencode: convert wildly inconsistent line endings to ...
2010-06-08 Stevencleanup: prune 'preferences.txt'
2010-06-08 Steventools/language: remove test_translation.exe
2010-06-08 Stevencleanup: remove intermediate files and MSVC junk files
2010-06-08 Stevenjunk files: prune intermediate objects and other junk
2010-06-08 rootInitial Import