2017-07-02 gondurMerge pull request #3 from dubaaron/aaron master
2017-07-01 Aaron WallentineContinue cleaning up and deciphering code, add changelog.
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineMerge pull request #3 from dubaaron/patch-2
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineMerge pull request #2 from dubaaron/aaron
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineLink to binaries; notes on build/contrib
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineStart fixing code formatting so we can actually read...
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineSwitched to 32-bit color so screen doesn\'t go quite...
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineRemove debugging .exe from repo
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineRemove large files preventing me from pushing to GitHub
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineIgnore large sprite files
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineTurn off LFS for now
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineRecommit sprites after git lfs enabled
2017-06-30 Aaron Wallentine.gitattributes after enabling git LFS
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineAdd speech.vox
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineThe game compiles now in AGS 3.4, with no warnings...
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineMerge pull request #1 from gondur/master
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineAdd acsetup.cfg file generated by opening the game
2017-06-30 Aaron WallentineAdd sprite files and ags_shell plugin
2016-02-08 gondurMerge pull request #1 from dubaaron/patch-1
2016-02-06 Aaron WallentineUpdate
2016-02-06 Aaron WallentineUpdate
2015-08-11 gondurUpdate
2015-08-08 gonduradd
2015-08-07 gondurcreaa