2015-02-19 benblanRework action for police : finished. master
2015-01-24 benblanRework action for police
2014-10-05 benblanFinished work on the persuaded peds.
2014-09-30 benblanChanged the way panic is activated.
2014-09-22 benblanPersuasion work
2014-09-17 benblanPersuasion work
2014-09-15 benblanRework of scripted actions and reset
2014-08-13 benblanstart rework on persuasion.
2014-08-09 benblanPanic is active only when a ped gets his weapon out
2014-08-08 benblanAdded PanicComponent to manage panic for civilian
2014-07-28 benblan- Rework Behaviour and added BehaviourComponent
2014-07-25 benblan- Added ResetAction but no fully implemented
2014-07-22 benblandebugId is now a regular field of mapobject and has...
2014-07-21 benblan- Added new EscapeAction for scenario type 7
2014-07-19 benblanWorking on Civilian actions
2014-07-08 benblanRefactoring of majorType, maintype and subType
2014-07-04 benblan- Fixed mission statistics
2014-07-04 benblan- some refactoring around inRangeCPos
2014-07-02 benblanFlamer almost finished
2014-06-30 benblan- fixed bug where walking and burning was not working
2014-06-28 benblanFlamer : still buggy but animation is better
2014-06-27 benblanStill working on Flamer
2014-06-11 benblanreRework Actions
2014-05-13 benblanRework Actions
2014-05-09 benblanImplemented GaussGun
2014-04-17 benblanWebsite update
2014-04-01 benblanrework-actions
2014-03-24 benblanWeb site
2014-03-19 benblanrework-actions
2014-03-17 benblan- Removed ShotAttributes. Merged with ShootableMapObjec...
2014-01-15 benblanrework-actions
2014-01-04 benblanrework-actions
2014-01-01 benblanrework-actions
2014-01-01 benblanwork-actions (unstable)
2013-11-22 benblanwork-actions
2013-11-22 benblanThis new branch contains works around ped's actions
2013-11-04 benblanRework
2013-10-16 benblanRework
2013-10-08 benblanTrain implementation (First reworks before adding feature)
2013-10-03 benblanRework
2013-09-18 benblanBug fix
2013-08-30 benblanEditor feature and other
2013-08-22 benblanEditor feature + commit missing files
2013-08-20 benblanFeature : new Game editor
2013-08-12 benblanBug fix
2013-08-07 benblanWeapon attributes are now defined in a property file
2013-08-05 benblanBug fix and rework
2013-08-03 benblanBug fix
2013-07-25 benblanBug fix
2013-07-25 chameladded persuasion points and proper checks
2013-07-25 chamelupgraded epoll to 3.2
2013-07-25 chameltranslated poll into english
2013-07-23 chameladded poll to website, admin password in password.dat...
2013-07-19 chameladeed forum to website links
2013-07-17 chameladded last persuade behavior
2013-07-17 chamelpersuaded ped will find weapon if persuador is armed...
2013-07-17 chameladded random walking when persuador stopped
2013-07-12 chameladded animated windows
2013-07-12 chamelupdated copyrights
2013-07-09 benblanSmall changes
2013-07-04 benblan- Simulation of enemy syndicates activity
2013-07-03 chamelupdated debug code to use keys;
2013-07-01 benblan - removed agentAndNonEnum and changed isOurAgent(...
2013-06-28 chamelpanic immunity for objective peds
2013-06-28 chameladded return to movedir function
2013-06-27 chamelusing default actions queue to fill main queue
2013-06-26 chameladded checkowner logic
2013-06-26 chamelrespecting user weaon selection when shooting
2013-06-24 chamelfixed weapons time consuming
2013-06-21 chameladded check owner function;
2013-06-18 benblanInactive agents are not loaded anymore.
2013-06-17 chameladded findweapon logic
2013-06-16 chameladded findweapon function;
2013-06-11 benblanRefactoring
2013-06-08 benblanOptimizations
2013-06-03 chameladded man page
2013-06-03 chamelre-edited authors removed no spam using only sourceforg...
2013-06-03 chamelupdated authors, looks like many have done something;
2013-06-03 chamelsmall fix to panic, peds non controlled will panic...
2013-06-03 chamelcivilians will panic when they see weapons
2013-06-02 chamelpreparing for default_actions_ use #2
2013-06-02 chamelpreparing for use of default_actions_
2013-05-19 benblanAgent death is now an event
2013-05-18 benblanAdded new class GameController
2013-05-18 benblanSmall improvements :
2013-05-15 chamelselected dragged weapon is drawn on top of other invent...
2013-05-15 chamelupdate of ipa for all selected agents;
2013-05-15 chamelremoved checked for clearing in tile drawing it is...
2013-05-15 chamelall selected agents will explode simultaniously
2013-05-15 chamelour agents will only shoot by themself with inteligence...
2013-05-14 chameladded exchange weapon between agents in selectmenu;
2013-05-14 chamelremoved use of memset - even though my thought was...
2013-04-28 benblanCode Refactoring:
2013-04-25 benblanCode refactoring
2013-04-25 chamelfixed blocker detection, I should stop breaking it
2013-04-25 chameladded fix for accuracy;
2013-04-25 chameladded influence of adrenaline and installed mods to...
2013-04-19 chameladded timeout before checking enviroment - this decreas...
2013-04-18 chamelupdating description for scenarios;
2013-04-17 benblanSmall changes