descriptionFreeSynd is a cross-platform, GPLed reimplementation of engine for the classic Bullfrog game, Syndicate
last changeThu, 19 Feb 2015 06:44:41 +0000 (06:44 +0000)
2015-02-19 benblanRework action for police : finished. master
2015-01-24 benblanRework action for police
2014-10-05 benblanFinished work on the persuaded peds.
2014-09-30 benblanChanged the way panic is activated.
2014-09-22 benblanPersuasion work
2014-09-17 benblanPersuasion work
2014-09-15 benblanRework of scripted actions and reset
2014-08-13 benblanstart rework on persuasion.
2014-08-09 benblanPanic is active only when a ped gets his weapon out
2014-08-08 benblanAdded PanicComponent to manage panic for civilian
2014-07-28 benblan- Rework Behaviour and added BehaviourComponent
2014-07-25 benblan- Added ResetAction but no fully implemented
2014-07-22 benblandebugId is now a regular field of mapobject and has...
2014-07-21 benblan- Added new EscapeAction for scenario type 7
2014-07-19 benblanWorking on Civilian actions
2014-07-08 benblanRefactoring of majorType, maintype and subType
7 years ago master