2016-01-31 John CalhounAdded legal section to read me. master
2016-01-31 John CalhounLicense has full-text.
2016-01-31 John CalhounGPL 2 or later
2016-01-30 John CalhounAttempt to fix formatting.
2016-01-30 John CalhounAdded additional credits.
2016-01-30 John CalhounSwitched license to GPL.
2016-01-30 John CalhounAdded license.
2016-01-30 John CalhounReplaced the binhex’ed files with derez'ed files.
2016-01-29 John CalhounBinhex'ed the house files.
2016-01-29 John CalhounTrying binhex.
2016-01-29 John CalhounRan macbinary on .rsrc file.
2016-01-28 John CalhounFirst check-in.
2016-01-28 softdorothyInitial commit